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Viagra Plus
Viagra Plus
Viagra Plus
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Brand Sildenafil
Viarga Plus (sildenafil +vitamins and ginseng) is a new development of worldwide known drug. It is added by the most active and reliable herbs giving you new sensations of unlimited potency, decreasing desire and giving you enormous endurance.
Viarga Plus (sildenafil +vitamins and ginseng) is a new development of worldwide known drug. It is added by the most active and reliable herbs giving you new sensations of unlimited potency, decreasing desire and giving you enormous endurance.
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Drug  title

Viarga Plus (sildenafil +vitamins and ginseng)

Usage indications

  • Viarga Plus (sildenafil +vitamins and ginseng) is a new development of worldwide known drug. It is added by the most active and reliable herbs giving you new sensations of unlimited potency, decreasing desire and giving you enormous endurance.
  • double stroke on penis vessels enlargement;
  • more powerful blood circulation;
  • endurance increase;
  • minimum response time;
  • the stimulation of growth hormones production;
  • stress protection;
  • increased generation of spermatosoids.

Ginseng is one of the main ingredients of Viagra Plus.

Ginseng stimulates and increases body endocrine activity. It prompts metabolism, relaxes heart and arteries. Ginseng stimulates brain as well and relaxes central neural system. It increases erection, sexual desire and prompts the sensations reinforcements.

Viagra Plus 400 mg contains 50 mg of sildenafil. Other 350 mg are ginseng and vitamins.

Application mode

Erection is stimulated via the increase of blood flow to penis cavernous. These cavernous consist of venous vessels with high content of muscles under brain control and other body muscles (heart) via specific nervous cells (vegetative nervous system).

Hormones, blood vessels, nerves and muscles should work together. Your brain send nerve impulses to penis by thus stimulating erection and causing sexual agitation. We guaranty that Viagra plus works totally different way and it works for everyone suffering from erectile disfunction. You will not need to spend your time in search of correct treatment.  By developing Viagra we tried to get maximum effect so now taking one pill of Viagra plus 10 minutes before sex it will work. Now it is your turn to act and excite wonderful moments of your life.

Mechanism of action

Viagra plus unbelievable effect is attained due to the following ingredients:

Sildenafil is reliable and secure inhibitor of fosphordiestraze by relaxing the muscles and increasing blood flow to specific body parts.

Ginseng is one of the most important Viagra Plus components. It is traditionally used for fighting the tiredness by providing immune support. Ginseng helps to keep endurance and high level of energy by increasing physical work capacity.

  • fights tiredness;
  • supports immune system;
  • improves memory and concentration;
  • increases physical and mental capacity;
  • increases energy;
  • support and stimulates epinephros effective functions;
  • helps during chronic tiredness symptoms.

L-Argine is used for the production of nitrogen oxide – the combination relaxing blood vessels. According to preliminary researches L-arigin can help in the cases when blood vessels are relaxed (so called vasodilatation). The blood flow is increased together with blood vessels contractions. L-Argine increases the function of blood vessels and stimulates the production of growth hormone and prolactine.

В-6 vitamin is an anti oxidizer, nutrient helping the organism to suppress free radicals formation. The increase of homocycteine causes atherosclerosis (arteries walls sickening and hardening) and sufficient amount of  В-6 vitamin might weaken heart muscle and increase the level of serum cholesterol. В-6 vitamin is very important amino acids methabolism.

B-12 vitamin is necessary for the production of red blood cells and plays important part in keeping nervous cells healthy and genetic material formation.

Folic acid is one of the most important vitamins playing important role at DNA and RNA synthesis, production of red blood cells, which is important for cardio vascular system health, psychic and nervous system health. Adequate levels of folic acid help to support homocystein health level by thus supporting the health of cardio vascular system. The form of folic acid used in add-ons is absorbed better than the one food contains.

Missed doses

Take missed dose of Viagra as soon as you remember about it. Continue taking this drug based on your doctor recommendations.


Store Viagra Plus packing at room temperature of 68 -77 F degrees (20 - 25 С degrees). Keep away from the sources of light, humidity and heat. Do not store at bathroom. Keep in a tightly closed light and solid container. Keep Viagra plus away from children and pets.


Do not use Viagra if:

  • you are allergic to any of Viagra Plus components;
  • your doctor should warn you to avoid sexual activity in case you have heart problems;
  • you take nitrates (isosorbide, nitroglycerineи) in any form e.g. pills, capsules, plaster, liniment or nitroprussid;
  • you use some recreational drugs called “poppers” amilnitrate, butyl nitrate.

Contact your doctor at once if any of the following relates to you.


  • Viagra Plus can cause giddiness, sleepiness, fainting or blurred vision. These effects might get worse if taken with alcohol or specific drugs. Be cautious when using Viagra Plus. Do not drive or perform other possibly dangerous tasks until you know your reaction to this drug.
  • Viagra Plus can cause giddiness or fainting: alcohol, hot weather or fever can increase such effects. Sit and stand slowly especially in the morning to prevent such effects. Sit or lie in case of first signs of any of these side effects.
  • patients suffering from heart problems and taking Viagra Plus might have increased risk of cardio vascular side effects such as stroke or heart attack. The symptoms of heart attack might include chest pain, hands or legs dumbness, heavy giddiness, headache, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting fainting or vision changes. The symptoms of stroke might include blurred consciousness, vision or speech changes, one side weakness or fainting. Contact your doctor immediately if you encounter these symptoms.
  • do not use other drugs for erectile disfunction treatment during the intake of Viagra Plus.
  • Viagra Plus does not stop the spread of AIDS and other veneric diseases. Use barrier contraception (condoms) if you have AIDS or veneral diseases.
  • Viagra Plus does not prevent pregnancy. Use contraception if your partner can get pregnant.
  • Elderly people should be cautious when using Viagra Plus as they might be more sensible towards side effects.
  • Viagra Plus is not recommended for children as its safety and security had not been confirmed.
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding: contact your doctor if you got pregnant. You would need to discuss all advantages and risks of Viagra Plus intake during pregnancy. The Viagra Plus absorption by mother milk had not been studied. If you plan breast feeding during Viagra Plus consult with your doctor to discuss all possible risks for your child.

Side effects

Consult with your doctor if any of the following widespread side effects persist or irritate:

  • diarrhea, giddiness, headache, heartburn, temporary vision changes (vision disfunction, light sensitivity, blue/green light when seeing);
  • stuffiness in nose, stomach upset.

Contact your doctor immediately if any of the following serious side effects arise:

  • heavy allergic reactions (rash, nettle rash, breathing difficulties, itch, chest constraints, mouth, face, lips, or tongue edema), chest pain, fainting;
  • quick or irregular heart beat, painful or continuous erection, constant giddiness, constant vision changes, sudden decrease or loss of vision in one or both eyes, sudden hearing loss.

Additional information

Use Viagra Plus on doctor’s prescription only. Contact your doctor in case of symptoms non- improvement or getting worse.

Steve Fair
Hornchurch, Essex, UK

When I first encountered erection problems, I thought of using Viagra. Got it from your shop, delivered as promised, no quality issues whatsoever. I started with 25mg which is half of the dosage and this was surprisingly enough! My penis became so hard and erection continued for like 30 minutes before I came. But I had another erection in less than 10 minutes. I am so pleased with this drug, I have a great erection as soon as I get aroused even a few hours after I’ve taken it.

Rating rate 5
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